Saturday, March 14, 2015

...and so it goes!

The angiogram was clear! There were no coronary blockages and thus, no stents were placed, in spite of what of what the CT scan showed and the awful results of the cardio stress test. God is good and I believe in the power of prayer and miracles! I remained off work for the week. The angiogram was done through my wrist. It was quite tender and swollen. Limited use precluded typing or lifting anything over five pounds. Forgetting and trying to turn a doorknob was awful.

Day two after the procedure I developed a fever and a rash. The fever is due to a localized “crud” that’s been traveling around. It involves upper respiratory symptoms and lots of coughing and sneezing. The rash was due to the surgical tape that was used. I’d forgotten I have that issue. A teensy bit of “itch” cream applied very sparingly is very beneficial.

The Hubs has been very good at care giving. Cooking, cleaning, doing laundry – what a guy! But then, he’s been doing that since his retirement. I must admit that during the dating years I watched the way he treated his mother, grandmother and sisters prior to committing to any kind of a relationship. I knew from observation, that my name was “safe” in his mouth and that in the event of a catastrophic illness I could trust him to be my caregiver. He meant the “in sickness and in health” pledge.

Since Monday’s angiogram turned out so well INSPITE of what the CT scan showed and the awful results of the cardio stress test, I am hoping for similar results with the nodule in my lung. Who am I to argue that this was:  a) a bad CT test  or b) (and I am soooo leaning towards b) this was the result of prayers and healing!

In the event the results do not turn out that way, then it is my prayer that the Lord God will “make it count” and that I will be able to face what comes with grace, dignity and trust.

Years ago, the Hubs and I purchased a prearranged funeral plan. Yeah, yeah… morose, isn’t it. Or not. It’s been paid off for years now and after moving to Tucson we needed to find a mortuary service that honored the plan we had. Not a problem! We met with counselors and discussed the plan and what was provided. We not doing fancy funeral finery, we determined cremation was more in line with our belief system and for the care of the earth. The place we settled upon stated, “you know, by purchasing this when you did, you saved $1500 each.” Good to know, but more importantly, our children will not have to make decisions while going through the grieving process.

The church were we attend has a Memorial Rose Garden. There is a lovely wall where the deceased’s info is placed and the ashes are interred in the rose garden. It is a lovely, peaceful spot. That is where I wish to be. There are benches, Arizona beauty and a sense of peace that permeate this space.

Now… back to the matter at hand. If you are so inclined, please pray that when I meet with Dr. Kim, the cardiothoracic surgeon on Tuesday that I will have clarity and the ability to communicate. I want this "thing" removed and the sooner, the better. This will be our first meeting and we will hopefully be discussing options for the nodule in my lung. Biopsy, excision, etc. Thank you.

No matter the outcome of this next process, it is my desire that I am able to face it with grace, dignity and trust. I want God to make this count!

Simply yours,


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