Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Final Analysis

My medical adventure began during the end of January. I had a meet and greet with a new Primary Care Physician who was not happy with test results from the previous year and had them all rerun. It turns out she may be intuitive. All the tests were rerun and there were some changes from the prior year. This resulted in more tests… and on and on.

I have a new primary care physician, a new cardiologist, a new cardiothoracic surgeon, and soon I will have a new oncologist. Do not suspect the worst. This is the best possible outcome, I can assure you.

I met with the cardiothoracic surgeon on Tuesday. All the biopsy results showed the seven lymph nodes that were examined are negative for metastasis. All final surgical margins are negative for malignancy by at least 3.7 cm.

With this being said (and copied directly from the surgical pathology report), the tumor itself was 2.5 cm at its largest point, is a non-small cell lung cancer called adenocarcinoma. It is considered to be at a stage 1B. According to the cardiothoracic surgeon, it is at the size where an oncologist needs to determine if chemotherapy is required or not. If it were smaller, nothing further would be required except for regular checkups.

When Dr. Kim said all the lymph nodes were clear, I responded by saying, “Thank God!” and Dr. Kim responded by saying, “Yes, hallelujah!” I will see him again in October and will have another CT scan before that visit. I will be seeing him on a very regular basis for the next five years.

With all this good news, my only response is that I still wish for the Lord to make this count and that I may honor and glorify my God and my Savior. I have numbness from the spinal anesthesia and it makes wearing a "support garment" uncomfortable - very uncomfortable. I may never wear a bra again, but use a one piece camisole type garment. But again, it is only a temporary set back.

I also learned this week that my primary care physician is leaving her practice effective in July. That means I need to find a new PCP. Finding someone you trust is difficult, but not impossible.

Indeed, “Prayer is one of the deepest forms of relationship with God… and through relationship there can be healing in the absence of cure.” ~Sara Miles

I will remain, “She Who Walks in Faith” and I am extremely grateful for your prayers and your spiritual support. To quote Dr. Kim, “Yes, halleluiah!”

Yours, because we're His,


  1. I will be sure and say prayers of Thanksgiving. Thank you for this detailed report. I hung on every word. I smiled at the goodness and the mercy of our Father.
    Love you.....

  2. Reading your post this evening dearest Tamara is the best thing I've done all day. Thank God indeed. And your new PCP is just waiting for you to find them. I am rejoicing on your behalf on the other side of the world tonight.
    Hugs, huge!

  3. Dearest Jackie & Rose -

    Thank you both for your encouragement and prayer support. I am so humbled by the prayers not just from across the U.S., but from Oz, Canada, and other countries as well.

    I am humbled by the final outcome with NO lymph node involvement and await my appointment on June 1st with the oncologist.

    Love you both!


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