Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Comfort Food

When I was a child, we had a garden. There were things that grew in that garden that I would not eat. Cabbage, Brussel Sprouts, spinach, broccoli. I did eat the corn, the tomatoes, green beans my Nanny fixed with a bit of bacon.

I sometimes would help my Dad in the garden. When he planted, he always did it in three's: "one for you, one for me and one for the bird" is what he said. I now refer that as Dad's Trinity Planting Procedure.

I remember being called out in the cold autumn evening when a frost alert was declared and I would help harvest the tomatoes and other produce by flash light. It was not uncommon to end up with tomatoe on my face as Dad was fond of pulling them off and into me! Horrors! 

Within the next day or two my Nanny would cook up a grand pot of homemade vegetable soup. As I recall, everything but the beef in that soup was from our small urban garden.

I've developed new tastes since then and where I once referred to Brussel Sprouts as aborted cabbage, if only to emphasize my distaste for them I now have a deep and abiding fondness for them.

So tonight, I become the Brussel Sprout Gourmet - if only for the sake of my Daughter! Shannon, this post is for you and it is on how to fix Mommie Dearest's Brussel Sprouts!

Clean your Brussel Sprouts by immersing them in water. Trim the ends off then cut them in half. Allow them to soak for a while. Clean, slice and dice an onion. You can do all this while cooking up three slices of bacon you have diced. When the bacon crips, remove it to a plate lined with paper towel and let it drain.

Add the onion to the drippings and in another pan, sauté 2 - 3 tablespoons of Piñons (raw pine nuts). [I keep mine frozen as they turn rancid fast. They are also good raw on a salad!] Drain the Brussel Sprouts and keep watching the onion - you don't want it to burn! When the Piñons have turned a golden color, remove and drain them on paper towel, too.

Once the onions are "just right" add the Brussel Sprouts to the pan and stir well, add about 1/2 cup of Chicken Stock and a splash or two of Basalmic Vinegar. When it comes to just a boil, reduce the heat and cover with a lid and cook it for about 8 minutes. 

Remove it from the heat, put it into a serving dish and top with the bacon bits and Piñons and serve it up!

These are probably not the healthiest of veggie dishes, but they are perfectly "YUM"!

Psalm 34:8

Common English Bible

8 Taste and see
how good the LORD is!
The one who takes refuge in him
is truly happy!

Happy eating Baby Girl!

Your Momma - Grammy Tammy!


  1. How blessed Shannon is, Tamara! What a sweet Momma she has.
    This is a great post.
    I have to tell you that of the list that you posted in the beginning, the words "brussel sprouts" stood out to me. I didn't know the post was going to have a recipe for them; I just knew that of all the veggies you mentioned, brussel sprouts are on my "No" list. I cannot tolerate the taste of them. But, I have to say, I don't think I've given them a fair chance. As I read your recipe, I thought, "Hmmm...I love every ingredient in this recipe (except the sprouts! :)))...and this sounds like it would be good..." ...so, I'm gonna give them a chance, and I'm gonna make this. I thank you for helping me to perhaps overcome my distaste for the b-sprouts.(I have always called them baby cabbage. I love, LOVE, love cabbage....and wondered why I don't like brussel sprouts. Perhaps, it's because I never had a good recipe.
    Hugs and love to you,
    P.S. I love the term "trinity planting"....how wonderful to read that!!!!

  2. Oh Jackie - it was just this very Holiday season I gave them another chance! Dennis, my hubs has always loved them, but I wouldn't fix them until I read several recipes then combined what I found good in each one. The reason I wouldn't eat them is because they were boiled to death! UGH! Slimy, miserable smelly things! UGH! Now, I can't get enough of them! I will add, one recipe from the Pioneer Woman Cooks added crasins to hers... I might just try that, too!

    This year I also planted an aspargus bed and two artichoke plants. I'm looking forward to the garden! Dennis planted tomatoes late this year and we had them into mid December here in Arizona!

    Hugz, Jackie!

    1. I think that boiling the brussel sprouts for so long might have been my problem. And...you mentioned artichokes. That's another veggie that I don't enjoy....but I think it's because they are so hard for me to prepare. :)))

    2. The artichoke plants grow up to become beautiful plants. Fixing them and eating them is a whole lot of work for little pay off, but I do enjoy an artichoke dip with crackers! Not the healthiest choice, but good!

  3. I actually like Brussel Sprouts a lot! But I am the only one in my family who likes it so I never make it. But I am going to try this recipe because most of the family will eat anything if it involves bacon!
    Thanks so much, I'll be copying & pasting now!

    Also I loved the story of your childhood and the garden.
    Love and Prayers, Eileen

  4. I have always been a fan of brussel sprouts (my husband was born in England and they are as natural to every meal there as peas are to us) anyway I love them but weight watchers won't allow the points of bacon etc. I just boil mine and add vinegar when I eat them.
    So good to be able to access your post Tamara, i only wish I could open Jackie's. There are only a few I am unable too but I keep trying.....sending big hugs, many prayers.....:-)

    1. Bernie...try downloading Google Chrome to use as your browser (it's a free download.) That's the only thing that worked for me.

  5. Eileen, I hope the recipe works for your family!
    Bernie - I'm thinking the artifical bacon bits may work for you and saute the onions in a bit of olive oil. Keep it healthy!
    I can read Rebecca's posts, but I cannot see any of the comments or make any comments on her blog. I've found that with some of my blogger buddies blogs I have to be totally out of mine and have saved their blog spot as a "favorite" to be able to read or visit.

    1. Tamara...I just posted a reply to Bernie here on your blog, and I'll share the same thing with you. I had to download Google Chrome and use it as my browser to access blogs.
      Here's a link (for you and Bernie) if you would like to take a look and download it. That's what I did....and I use it to access my blogs. I don't have any problems when I use this browser, but I couldn't access blogs using IE (Internet Explorer.) Why? I have no idea....but I'm just sharing with you what worked for me. Hugs and love....Jackie

  6. I'm glad the commenting-puzzle has been solved :) Was good to hear from you. And WOW! This recipe sounds perfectly WONDERFUL. I seldom have bacon in the house, but it might be worth it just to taste this for myself!


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