About Me

I am a sixty plus year old woman who sometimes has a different perspective on life, love, liberty, social justice, free speech and faith!

I wrestle with my Christian beliefs and question God about my truly being His and is there a 'calling' in my life? I wonder often, what is my passion? What is it I am passionate about?

To sum it up via Twitter, I am an aspiring writer, faith believing, integrity advocate, speaker, student, teacher, thinker, truth loving, wanderer, warrior, wisdom seeking, coffee lovin' Ga'Ma!

I recently began a new blog over at WordPress. I'm calling it "Confessions of a Prison Librarian".  I'm sharing inmate poetry and some of my "stories" from life inside. If you're interested, the site address is -  https://confessionsofaprisonlibrarian.wordpress.com/