Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Today's Devotional Scripture

O give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; for His steadfast love endures forever. ~Psalm 107:1 NRSV

Today's devotional was written by Luci Swindoll and extols the virtue of living alone. Luci is single, always has been, is in her 70's and is very independent! She quotes Thomas Wolfe who wrote, we "exist within our own unique epidermal envelope as a separate thing."

I like being with others and will soon be celebrating our 30th Wedding Anniversary. But be it known, I am actually very shy. Some days when I have numbered and various contacts I find I need to spend some "alone" time just to recharge and regenerate my spirit. Liken it to a rechargeable battery, if you will.

Luci also said in her devotional that German psychologist Erich Fromm believes our ability to love others is predicated upon whether or not we can enjoy time alone. He says if we're not comfortable with our own company, we'll never be able to love anybody else out of desire rather than need. Isn't that an enormous thought?

The post was rather late today... we're on vacation but I finally found some "alone time" to jot down the highlight's of today's devotional.



  1. Tamara....

    I really appreciate your devotionals....most of the time, they are exactly what I needed.

    Hope you're having fun! Miss you!


  2. Miss you too, Rox! The three hour time change has me in a tizzy! LOL Can't wait to hear about the Women's Bible Study. You Go, Girl!



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