Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Today's Devotional Scripture

Get down on your knees before the Master; it's the only way you'll get on your feet. ~James 4:10 MSG

I love the language of the Message Bible! Casual, yes, but absolutely in words that I can appreciate and understand. The truth be told, I don't pray in King James. It's not my everyday language with all the "Thee's and Thou's". My prayers are in everyday language and sometimes I sing, cry, scream, laugh, dance, but rejoice always.

I remember when we first began attending church and Wednesday Night Prayer Meetings. I couldn't pray. Oh, not because I couldn't talk to God, but I didn't want to vocalize my prayers in front of the stalwart Christians who prayed King James and sounded so "holy". My prayers were simple petitions in which I merely talked to God and told Him what was on my mind and heart. Silly me. I didn't know all He wanted was to hear me giving Him praise and honor!

I still keep a prayer journal in which I write out my prayers. It's a wonderful source of encouragement when I can go back, look at a specific date and then now note what God's response to that prayer was/is.

Sometimes with my journal, when no prayers are forthcoming, I like to choose a Psalm and write it out in my own words as a prayer to God. I find this is a good way to "imprint" the words of the Psalmist on my heart and mind.

There have been times when my prayers have been those of anguish and tears and I've screamed at God, "How can You allow this? How can you say that I am Yours and then allow this pain into my life?" Often when I pray like this, the silence is deafening... and God is teaching me that I am being "conformed into the image of Christ." Through the pain (emotional or physical) that I am allowed to endure I am being prepared for ministry potential IF I allow myself to be used of Him.

So how about you? Are you feeling the pressure of preparation for ministry potential? Pray about it. Then pray some more!

because we're His,


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  1. It is important that we learn to answer, "Here I am, Lord."




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