Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Today's Devotional Scripture

Today's Verse
Rejoice that your names are written in heaven.
~Luke 10:20 NIV

Thoughts on today's verse...
Have you ever gone to the refrigerator and pulled out the cottage cheese, opened it up and EWWWWW - it was way past the expiration date! Everything has a shelf life - us too. I hate to be cynical, but life is terminal and none of us are getting out alive. So that begs the question, do I have things in order? You know, the "housekeeping" issues: Do I have a will or living trust? Prearranged funeral plan? Are my bills paid? Is the house clean? Do I owe anybody money? Do I need to forgive someone or mend a broken relationship?

I know for a fact where I will go when I die, and I believe God's Word. But I still wonder about some things. What will it be like to "pass over"? Will I see Jesus right away? How about friends and family who have gone before, will I get to see them right away? What will my "heavenly" body be like? Will I get to observe what's happening on earth?

Questions, questions and more questions... For me the bottom line is this: If what I believe about God, Jesus and redemption is not true - I will still be a better person for having believed it and living my life in line with that belief. My concern is for those who do not believe or have any "faith". When their time comes, what if what they believe isn't true?

My prayer...
Father God, my Lord and Savior - empower me with the ability to share with those who have no faith or belief. May I be able to do so in a non-threatening way that could cause them to reconsider what they believe and seek honestly for truth. ~Amen

Yours because we're His,