Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Today's Devotional Scripture

Today's Verse
The Lord your God goes with you, He will never leave you nor forsake you.
~Deuteronomy 31:6 NIV

Thoughts on today's verse...
Today's verse is comforting, especially in today's transient society. Divorce is as common as marriage, just as many babies are born out of wedlock as are born to married couples. It used to be that someone worked at one job until retirement, but now diversity is key and having a number of jobs shows your versatility and being able to adapt to change. And then there is the final seperation - that of death.

Just yesterday I learned of a dear friend's plight. Her husband of 47 years walked out on her, apparantly for another woman. He was having an "affair". Affair, doesn't that sound... nice? Is it more acceptable as an "affair" rather than calling it adultery? But it is what it is.

In our own family we have two grandchildren from our son - Abby and Zachary. They are 13 months apart in age and they each have a different Momma. Our son has never been married. I feel fortunate if we get to see the children on the weekend. It tears my heart out, and yet I know that I am not the only grandparent who faces issues like this. I believe that children of divorce and those born out of wedlock are the new "orphans" of our society.

Our country's current economic situation is, well, dire at least for the common working class. You seem to have a stable job one day and the next you're being told to pack it up - you're laid off.

Then the final blow - you're given the news of a catastrophic illness or told your loved one has passed on... How do you go on? How do you cope?

Here is where we need to apply today's verse: "The Lord your God goes with you, He will never leave you nor forsake you." Even though it may feel as if you are alone, even if it feels that He has forsaken you, He is with you. We cannot depend upon our feelings as they are subject to change.
My prayer...
Lord, My God - be with those of us who feel so alone, so forsaken. Comfort us in our time of need. Help us to comfort those around us who have been abandoned, forsaken and left alone. May we show Your love to the hurting. ~Amen
Special Note:
Happy Birthday, Abby! You are three years old today and Grandpa and Grandma love you!

Yours, because we're His,



  1. Amen Tamara that was a beautiful and to the point post!

  2. So true...we use terms that make something so wrong seem right or okay and yet we must ALWAYS remember that God calls us to hate the sin BUT LOVE the sinner!

    We just need to pray so much...I have been praying for so long that at least one of my three children will start going to church again (as they were raised).

    blessings and hugs,


  3. Happy, happy, happy birthday Abby! I hope today is full of laughter and warm memories for you!!

  4. Um...trying to be Christian here, but is Jackie on some illegal substance??? Could she be 'hitting the bottle'?? Sounds like she needs A LOT of Scripture verses Tamara!!!

    Wonder if there is an 'Abby' and if she gave your comment to her?

    blessings and hugs,


  5. Beautiful post, Tamara!
    And a situation I find myself in too with my daughter and my grandson, but I can finally say that I found ONE TRIAL in my life that IS TRULY JOYFUL!! Am I happy that my grandson was born out-of-wedlock? NO! Am I overjoyed that he's here no matter the route God chose to send Jayden to us? YES! JOY! JOY! JOY!
    I needed this post because I was just discussing how I can accept the trials in my life but not be joyful about them, and you pointed out the one trial that I can be joyful about. THANK YOU!

    Now, um, trying to be Christian here, BUT, what's up with Marcy???
    Did I read wrong?
    Did you not wish your granddaughter Abby a 'Happy Birthday'??
    And isn't that what Jackie was referring to?

    Marcy is too funny!
    I really love this blog world!

    Thank you again, Tamara!
    All the best,

  6. Okay...it's me...there is an Abby and it's your granddaughter and I need to go take a tranquilizer now, thank you very much!
    Poor Jackie, hope she will hold up under my insanity...I thought she was calling you Abby and singing Happy Birthday to you.
    Think I must now me in the village of that singing group called The Village People!!!

  7. Eileen the word is wacky, not funny...just totally wacky! Please excuse me now while I go talk to a wall.

  8. It's alright Marcy, I love you, Eileen loves you, Jackie hopefully still loves you, Tamara who is new to our craziness and a christian woman probably loves you and God loves you too!

  9. Thank you Diana....all we feeble minded people sincerely thank you!

  10. Ladies - you all ROCK! And I suppose in our own simple ways we harmonize, because we are, after all, THE VILLAGE PEOPLE!

  11. Tamara....Marcy is a blessing to have as a friend! I thank you for your devotionals. They inspire me greatly.
    Smiles from Jackie

  12. Thank you Tamara for your thought full post. You've said the words that come to me every day. I've known loss in my life, but the worst loss I would ever experience would be the loss of my faith in God and His plan for my life. I know He wants only good for me and whatever earthly trials I have, they are part of His plan.
    On a lighter note: Hahaha on Marcy.
    I too, suffer from "Foot in Mouth" disease. The initial embarassment eventually turns to a giggle though.


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