Friday, August 21, 2009

Today's Devotional Scripture

Today's Verse
When you call upon me and come and pray to me, I will hear you.
~Jeremiah 29:12 NRSV
Thoughts on today's verse...
"I can't hear you, I can't hear you, la la la la la!" an angry and upset child might cry out. When in actuality they probably did hear us and just didn't want to acknowledge it in their anger. And so here we are, sometimes in a very similar situation with God, thinking that He won't hear us, perhaps because He's angry with us... and perhaps maybe we do have something coming between us, that ugly thing called sin. But, all we have to do is confess that and He will again hear our prayers.

Sometimes the things that keep us from prayer is intimidation - I don't sound like "So-and-So" when I pray, she's so eloquent and I'm not. Girl Friends, I'm here to tell you He will hear our prayers - the thankful one, the not so thankful ones, the good, the bad and even the ugly ones. Even when we call out in anger for the Lord to 'smite' someone who has angered us, He hear those prayers too (although He may not answer them).

He hears all our prayers because they acknowledge we believe that He is in control. No matter what the circumstance -- He is still there and He is still in control!
My prayer...
Lord, I'm so glad You are in control, especially those times when I am not. I'm so glad that You hear my prayers, even the ones uttered in anger. I especially thank You for not answering some of my prayers - I probably wouldn't have been able to live with myself, had You. Thank You, Lord, for being the God of all creation. In Jesus' name ~Amen!

Yours, because we're His,