Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Today's Devotional Scripture

Today's Verse
You have turned for me my mourning into dancing.
~Psalm 30:11 NKJV

Thoughts on today's verse...
Scripture records times of rejoicing that were celebrated with dancing. The children of Israel danced after crossing the Red Sea and in celebration of military victory. King David danced before the Lord when the Ark of the Covenant was brought to the City of David. When the prodigal son returned, his father prepared a feast that included music and dancing.

Each day we are invited to dance and celebrate all life has for us. Have you ever heard the song "Lord of the Dance"? It was written by Sydney Carter and in it, Jesus is the "Lord of the Dance".

I danced in the morning when the world was begun,
And I danced in the moon and stars and the sun,
And I came down from heaven and I danced on earth.
At Bethlehem I had my birth.
I danced for the scribe and the Pharisee,
But they would not dance and they would not follow me;
I danced for the fishermen, for James and John;
They came to me and the dance went on.
I danced on the Sabbath when I cured the lame,
The holy people said it was a shame;
They whipped and they stripped and they hung me high;
And they left me there on a cross to die.
I danced on a Friday and the sky turned black;
It's hard to dance with the devil on your back;
They buried my body and they thought I'd gone,
But I am the dance and I still go on.
I'll live in you if you live in me,
I am the Lord of the Dance, said he.
Dance, dance, wherever you may be;
I am the Lord of the Dance, said he.
And I'll lead you all wherever you may be,
and I'll lead you all in the dance, said he.

Dancing is one of many ways we can celebrate God in worship and joy. When we start each day with Jesus we are His partner in the dance of life.

While I may not be ready to kick up my heels today, I believe I'll find my dancing shoes and dust them off in preparation.
My prayer...
Abba, Father - Lord of the Dance, may I hear Your music this day. May my feet tap in anticipation of dancing with You and for You! Lead me Lord, lead me in the dance. I may be clumsy, I may step on Your feet, but guide me, lead me and teach me the dance! In Jesus' name I pray ~Amen!

Yours, because we're His,



  1. what bright cheerful and wonderful thoughts! I do so love to dance and that's why my mother had to pull me (at 2-4 yrs old) back into the pews when the organ playing would begin!

    In partners dancing one person leads and one wonderful to have Jesus be our "LEAD" dancer.

    Thanks for a lovely thought to carry through the day, Tmara.

    blessings and hugs,


  2. This was a very uplifting post. I'm still singing....Have a grand day!!! Cathy

  3. My feet are shoulders and head are moving.
    When I play the keyboard or the piano at church, my fingers aren't the only things's hard to be still when lovely music moves one!!

  4. Tamera, I am smiling and enjoying your music so very much. Hey you must be feeling better....stay well okay......:-) Hugs

  5. 'Listening to 'Breath Of Heaven' right now, one of my favorite Advent/Christmas songs. Well, just an 'all-time' favorite song.
    I was raised on the Sorrowful Mother, so it was nice as I got older to also dwell on the Joyful Mother.

    Joyful, Sorrowful, Glorious, she's been a wonderful guide for me, and along with my mother they helped bring me closer to God The Father, God The Son, and The Holy Spirit.
    Your posts too do that. Funny how it's mostly women in my life that lead me to Life.

    Another nice post, Tamara, nice to think of Jesus leading us in the dance of Life.
    I don't always comment but I read here often, and appreciate each post.
    All the best,


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