Monday, September 28, 2009

Today's Devotional

Today's Verse

Be constantly renewed in the spirit of your mind [having a fresh mental and spiritual attitude]. ~Ephesians 4:23 AMP
Thoughts on today's verse...

Do you ever find you have a 'stale' attitude? You know what I'm talking about, don't you? It's that attitude of, "I'm so weary of [fill in the blank]. If only I could do something different." The fill in the blank could be 'work', it could be 'this house', 'this man/husband' or even this 'church'.

I know that sometimes I find myself discontent with what I have. Instead of thanking God for the [fill in the blank...], I do the "if only...". Sometimes I have to reinvent my job and change the focus and the schedule of how I do things and in what order.

Sometimes, when I'm not content with the house I have, I have to sit back, plan and rearrange furniture. Or maybe even paint the walls. Maybe it is something as simple as changing the pictures and/or art on the walls.

When my discontentment is towards my husband, I usually try to stop and pray. This discontent is usually attitude driven... and I find it's mine! I find I've been focusing on the negative things and not those that are positive.

Then again, sometimes I find that my lack of being content with the church is very similar to that mentioned above regarding my husband and again, I need to stop and pray.

I believe the 'stale' attitude could be eradicated by prayer and a change in attitude. Usually it is selfish in nature and is all about me. Do you remember John F. Kennedy's inauguration speech (perhaps you're not as old as I am)? In it he said, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what can you do for your country." That holds true in our employment, our homes, our marriages and our churches. Instead of finding fault, what might I do to improve the situation?
My prayer...

Lord God, Creator of all heaven and earth, hear my prayer! Forgive me for my attitude. Help me to renew my mind so that it comes more and more in line with Your Word and Your will. In Jesus' name I pray ~Amen!

Yours, because we're His,



  1. Tamara, I've missed your blog. My bloglines reader has not been letting me know that you've posted something new. This has been a problem for a while now. I'll check in more often because your posts are such a blessing to me.

    Today's post was a good one for me. Most of the time I accept this situation we're in and have a good attitude, but other times I am frustrated with my husband and that horrible cough of his. I found myself feeling that way yesterday, and immediately took it to the Lord in prayer. He renewed my heart and the negative feelings were gone. It just takes some self-awareness to recognize when we're allowing a sour attitude to take over and immediately repenting of it.

  2. Another post that strikes home today my friend, I am so frustrated right now with not feeling well, these past few weeks seem to have been filled with infections and antibiotics, so thanks to your post instead of having a pity party I am going to be thankful that there are medications that can cure the infections and that I can afford's that for an attitude change. Have a wonderful Monday.......:-) Hugs

  3. This is something I've been trying to do, but it's hard for me.
    I'm disgusted with church lately, but I'm trying to go to Mass with just the idea of spending time with God, and receiving the Eucharist, and if I have to put up with things I don't like in order to do that, well, then I'm going to try to offer that up as a sacrifice from now on.

    It's funny too because my husband and I were just discussing this very thing on the phone about an hour ago. His job has moved to new offices, everyone is in one big room, desks all cramped together, they are backing into each others chairs when getting up, he finds that it is not at all conducive to productivity for him (everyone playing their radios on different stations, you hear every phone conversation, etc.), and he absolutely hates it.
    I sympathize, but I tell him either look for something else, or in this economy, be grateful for any job. If you can't be as productive as you were in a more quiet environment, well then just be as productive as you can.
    I know it's easy for me to say. But that's the only advice I can give him, because these are really his only choices ~ Grin and bear it ~ or ~ Find a new job!
    He's not a happy camper and I don't expect him to be. But I wish he'd get 'resigned' to this new way of work life.
    In fact, let me go email him a little pep talk and a joke or two.
    Thanks, Tamara.
    Good post!
    Great prayer!
    All the best,

  4. stir the feelings inside that need to be stirred...and remind me to pray more....and to stay in God's Word more. The attitude that I have usually stays 'hidden'...but not from God. Thank you for the reminder to stay close to Him...because He is always with me.
    I move...He doesn't.


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