Friday, October 2, 2009

Today's Devotional

Today's Verse
We love because He first loved us. ~1 John 4:19 NIV

Thoughts on today's verse...
God loves me! Isn't that crazy? He loves me! He also loves you. God desires for us to love ourselves and accept ourselves just the way we are. He doesn't want us to go through our lives 'faking it' and wishing we were someone else. He doesn't want us to compare ourselves to those super models in the magazines and then to become dissatisfied with ourselves. He doesn't want us to compare or compete with others at work, spending our time wishing we had their job or their life... In His love for us, He wants us to be comfortable 'in our own skin' and to love ourselves.

Now mind you, we all have those 'ugly' moments, those times when we are not at our best behavior. Even the apostle Paul said, 'that which we don't want to do we find ourselves doing and that which we want to do, we don't do' (Romans 7:19). That is why simply being ourselves is the hardest battle we face.

My Women of Faith sister, Lucy Swindoll recommends ten areas she works on when she gets bogged down and forgets to love herself:

1. Be content with what you have.
2. Stop comparing.
3. Count your blessings.
4. Quit personalizing every comment.
5. Maintain a servant spirit.
6. Do the unexpected for a loved one.
7. Keep a heart of gratitude.
8. Don't be negative.
9. Respect yourself.
10. Take God at His word.

I've heard it said that the problem with today's society is that we love our neighbors as we love ourselves and the truth is, we don't love ourselves very much. So today, why not do something special just for yourself? I am. I'm going to Phoenix with a group of women to attend the Women of Faith conference. It's tonight and all day tomorrow.

My prayer...

Father God, hear my prayer. I pray that today, I will love myself.  No, not being selfish and prideful, but to honestly love myself as You love me. Then, as I begin to fill up with love for myself, may it overflow and pour onto others so that they too may 'feel the love'! In Your precious name I pray ~Amen!

Yours, because we're His,



  1. Oh Tamara, I so wish I was going to that Conference with you. I went to one a few years ago and absolutely loved it... : ). Blessings to you.
    ((((HUGS))))) T

  2. Tamara...(I had trouble getting to this comment section! (Blogger...grrr!)
    OK...I'll be more positive!
    Blogger! Positively GRRR!
    (Just kidding....(not))
    I love your list....and I have trouble with # 4. I will pray about that...because I need to work on that one.
    Thank you....for being YOU!
    Love and smiles to you from Jackie

  3. That list is just so good, in fact it's wonderful to look at lists like these and then to see it rephrased and to just keep reminding ourselves that we are precious in His sight.

    One of my favorites phrases came out of a spiritual retreat many years ago..."God doesn't make junk!"

    blessings and hugs,


  4. Have a great time! I have always wanted to go to that conference, but it seems like it's always on a bad weekend for me. Someday!



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