Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Today's Devotional Scripture

Yet not my will, but Yours be done.
Luke 22:42

Thoughts on today's verse...

Have you ever watched runners during the Olympics preparing to start a race?  They carefully position themselves in the starting blocks, placing their feet just so, and their hands on the ground in the way they have practiced for hours and hours.  Then, with the 'pop' of the gun they take off with everything in their being.

However, if one of the racers is too eager to get those miliseconds of a head start, jumps out of the block before the gun sounds, a false start is declared, and everyone has to go through getting set in the blocks all over again.  Sometimes a race can have two or three false starts.  I'm sure by then the racers have gotten really tired, antsy, and irritable.

I've had a few false starts myself.  There have been times I was so ready to run out and grab God's will that I'm sure I heard that gun fire only to find I'd jumped out of the blocks too soon.  And you know what that means – back to the starting blocks!

Sometimes in our exuberance to be obediant we can run ahead of God's desired plans and timing.  And frankly, I've never been a good one when it comes to waiting.  Whether it's been a special project at work or medical testing that isn't very pleasant, I want to dive in and get it done and over with.  God, however, may have a different plan in mind and may have us waiting for a very good reason.  One that we can't see at the moment.

Sometimes I've gotten ahead of myself with spiritual growth and development.  I've been involved with a personal Bible study where you read through the Bible in a year.  I personally sat aside time in the day to complete the readings (which were substantial).  But at the end of the day, I couldn't remember what I'd read. 

I was reading the Word of God as if it were a textbook, and not His love letter to me.  It was the old 'what's in it for me' plan of study and it wasn't very effective.  I had to put it away for awhile.  While it is important to read the Scriptures daily, it is far more important to read until you sense in your spirit that God has said something to YOU.  Don't be concerned about reading a set number of verses or chapters a day.  The key is to read with an 'open' ear.

My prayer...

Father God, hear my prayer... and more importantly, may I hear You when you are speaking to my heart.  Then, once I have heard You, may I put into action that which You have impressed upon my heart.  Forgive me, Dear Lord, for those times I have run ahead of Your will and not been patient enough to wait upon You and Your timing.  And now, my Lord, as this day unfolds, I pray for Your guidance and direction.  I pray for a measure of grace and dignity for anything that may not go as I have in mind.  May I remember that it is Your will, not my will.  In Jesus' name ~Amen!

Yours, because we're His,



  1. In the past I have always been impatient for God's Plan, I was always expecting Him to work on MY timeline!
    Lately, I've been trying to sit back and remind myself that God is in control and will work things out according to His plan and in His time.

    But I'm not a big fan anymore of reading the Bible through, while I find it interesting to delve into what was going on at that time, what rituals were practiced, what exactly the writer was addressing, etc., it makes me feel that I am reading a History book, which is interesting, but does not speak to my heart.
    I mostly read the Bible now as if God is speaking to me personally, it is a message from God to me on any given day, and God speaks to me on what is going on in my life at the time.

    You are right, Tamara, the Bible is God's Love letter to us.
    All the best,

  2. Tamara...I find myself in the opposite 'vein'...I'm the one at the starting 'gate' that doesn't leave on time...and that bothers me. I want to "wait"...and God wants me to "Do." I covet your prayers that I will be ready to run...on time (His time) and not dawdle....the fields are ripe unto harvest...and I need to be busy about His business.
    Love to you, Tamara.


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