Friday, November 20, 2009

Today's Devotional Scripture


“Let all who fear the LORD repeat: ‘His faithful love endures forever.’In my distress I prayed to the LORD, and the LORD answered me and set me free. The LORD is for me, so I will have no fear. What can mere people do to me? Yes, the LORD is for me; he will help me.”
~Psalms 118:4-7


What a marvelous passage. Our faith is in a God who knows. Our faith is in a God who is able. Our faith is in a God who cares. Our faith is in a God whose love endures forever!

I remember a situation that faced our family. In 2001, my husband had a heart attack. At the time, we had an empty nest, so it was just the two of us. Fortunately, I recognized the signs and gave him an aspirin then drove him to the emergency room. They placed him on all the monitors and IVs, drew blood and eventually put him in the ICU to monitor him. The next morning they determined he did have a heart attack and made plans to air flight him to Tucson Medical Center.

I packed a bag, gassed up the car and headed to Tucson. I prayed during the entire trip. During a particular desolate spot on Highway 191, I saw a Mourning Dove, sitting on the side of the road by her (or possible his) dead mate. My heart stopped! Is this an omen? Is it a sign, I asked myself. What about my prayers? Do they or will they make a difference at all? Finally, I had to answer my own question with, “Yes, I believe my prayers do make a difference. I always pray for God’s power and will. I ask for His power, but ultimately I trust in His love.” Like the Psalmist we too can pray in our distress and the Lord will hear and will answer. The Lord is for you and you can trust in His love.


Lord, I don’t know everything that is going on. I can’t see the future. I know I often waiver in my faith. But Lord, I know in my distress I can call upon You. Help me with those special burdens I am carrying. Most of all help me today to really trust in Your love. ~Amen!

Yours, because we’re His,



  1. Wow, you changed everything, Tamara...looks like I'm the only stick in the mud who has the same blog look! Love those flowers you have for a header.

    It truly amazes me that anyone can survive a crisis without the Good Lord to lean on...the non believers must suffer so much more than we do.

    There have been many turbulent times in my life where I prayed frantically but only felt peace once I said that He knows best, no matter what happens in the end. In giving up my attempt to "control" the situation, I couild finally stop feeling so frantic in life and (possible) death situations.

    Amazing that you and your husband have both been down the road with the same medical issue...may God's healing Hands been on the both of you always.

    blessings and hugs,


  2. Hi Tamara, I have had to lean on God everyday of my life....sometimes I would scream in anger and pain but as Marcy said as soon as I accepted his will, instead of trying to control the situation I would finally feel his comfort.....have a wonderful weekend my friend.....:-) Hugs

  3. Usually during the worst circumstances of my life, my prayer has been "You take care of this, God", and I'm at peace with that, and willing to accept His outcome. So far in my life it's the really big, horrible, scary things that I have been able to give over to Him and His Will easily. I guess because I know I have no control. It's the little things, things that I have to make decisions on, or things that I think I should have control over, those are the things that throw me for a loop.

    There was one time in my life though where prayer would not come, I don't know why because I wasn't angry at God, but no prayer would come, it was a very dark place to be. I remember asking my sister-in-law to please do the praying for me. It was as if there was a dead spot where my soul should be.
    My youngest daughter was about to undergo brain surgery, and I had no desperate pleas for God to protect her, there was nothing. I knew God was with us, I knew He loved her, He loved us, but no word of praise, no pleas, no word of surrender to His Will, nothing, there was nothing. It was a very scary feeling. I've read that Satan chooses our weakest moments to pounce. I guess he found one of mine.

    I'm glad you found God's Comfort in your times of need, and I pray that we all feel surrounded by Him always.

    Love and Prayers,


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