Friday, November 27, 2009

Today's Devotional Scripture

“Even if my father and mother abandon me, the LORD will hold me close.”
Psalm 27:10

At first glimpse this verse may not seem like it has much depth. But if we really understand its meaning it can change our lives. In his book, "Experiencing Healing Prayer," Rick Richardson shares, “From our mother we get our sense of being and well being. From our father we get a sense of blessing.” The trouble is that none of us go through our childhood unscathed. No parent can completely meet all our needs. If our mother or father is controlling, absent, abusive, distant or exhibits any number of other negative traits it can result in a struggle with affirmation and self esteem. But what can we do? Do we have to be a victim to a fallen world? Today’s verse gives us the answer. “Even if our father and mother abandon us, the Lord will hold us close.” When we understand our true relationship with God we will be able to receive our sense of being and well being from Him. When we really comprehend how much He loves and approves of us we will live our life from a deep sense of blessing that He has for us. Celebrating who we are in Christ can help us rise above our circumstances and go beyond the limits of our childhood.

Father, I thank you for your deep, deep love for me. I thank you that you created me for a purpose. I thank you that I am not a mistake. Because of your love for me I can really feel good about myself. I receive a sense of well being from knowing that I am a blessing to you. Thank you Lord, no matter what my past, what my parents may have done, I can come to you with my needs. When I do, You will hold me close. ~Amen!

Because we're His,



  1. Beautiful thoughts, Tamara!! I am so very thankful for our Heavenly Father as I have lost both my parents...but He is a father to the orphan...and He blesses me over and over again...Thank you for your ALWAYS inspiring posts! I feel their warmth, and am continually encouraged! ~Janine XO

  2. Good afternoon, Tamara. Jackie slept a liiiitle late today (OK...I slept until the afternoon!...:)) )
    I love to come to your site...and read your treasures.
    Thank you for faithfully posting them. I hope that you had a lovely day yesterday and that all your days are lovely.
    You bless me through your posts and prayers...always.

  3. I've been coming by and reading, but just not staying after that to comment.

    I also like Isaiah where he says that God speaks, saying could mother forget her child and yet even if she does, I will never forget you...that is SO important to us with all the abortions going on and mothers forgetting their children, as well as abusive parents. We did the reassurance that God remembers us always!

    blessings and hugs,



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