Friday, June 11, 2010

Surgical Success

We are home from Phoenix.  It's a long and tiring trip.

My Mother (Dolores) did quite well with the surgery yesterday.  She was obviously groggy from the sedation and slept most of the afternoon.  Her only complaint was "cold feet" and we found the blankets and wrapped them up nicely.

Today, she appeared to be her chipper self!  There was some pain associated with movement, but she was up and using the lavatory and ambulating.  She was doing so well they sent her home this afternoon.  She was told that when she's awake to do a "walk about" every hour or so.  Blood clots, you know.  When I spoke with her, she said she slept when they first got in, but is up and about now, but feeling more pain.  I told her not to be shy about using the pain medication and not to let it go to long before taking it.  The daughter telling the mother to follow the directions!  Isn't that a hoot.

As any of us who have ever had surgery know, tomorrow will be the day of pain.

Thank you all so much for your prayers.  The trip was long, tiring but uneventful.  And I am amazed at how well my Mom did!  I know I should never be amazed when the Lord answers prayer, but I am always delightfully amazed!

Blessings to all,