Monday, June 25, 2012


It will be a quiet week for me in blog land. This will most likely be my post for the week.

We have our grandson Zachary until Friday. He and Gam' Pa should be having a wonderful time while I am at work. <<SIGH>>

I spent most of the weekend cleaning, chopping, cooking getting food ready that I know Zachary likes and that will help the Hubs when the inevitably, "I'm hungry, Gam' Pa!' is uttered.

Speaking of work, we have our annual (shudder) compliance audit this week. Being a government entity, we are accountable to John Q. Public. This is an internal audit. There will be questions, stopping my normal duties to assist with auditor's requests for paperwork, etc. I feel confident my 'ducks' are in a row!

It will be a busy and full week both at home and at work. Your prayers are coveted.

Hebrews 4:13 (NIRV)

Nothing God created is hidden from him. His eyes see everything. He will hold us accountable for everything we do.