Monday, March 18, 2013

The Vacation Reunion

Mom & Me

Our family reunion was held in Laughlin, NV. at the Riverside Casino. It had probably been at least five years since the last gathering. Admittedly, a casino is not my most favorite place to be. All the flashing lights, the sounds and the smell of cigarettes are a bit more stimulus than I care to be bombarded with. With that being said, the other amenities were fine – the restaurants, the theater and of course, visiting and catching up with family.  The represented states were Oregon, California, Texas and of course, Arizona. The Hubster’s sister and BIL were there also, representing the state of Ohio.

The Casino Motel did not offer free Wi-Fi, but charged for it at the tune of $8.95 a day. I realize that is because they do not want you in your room. They prefer you to be on the floor losing your money [CHING $ CHING]. As I am trying to prepare for retirement, I am also attempting to be frugal with spending and purchases. Frankly, some days I do this better than others. I fed the slot machines between $20 -$25 and they kept it. I continue to wonder how many homeless persons that would have fed. I don’t “get” the gambling allure and yet I understand some persons like it to the point of addiction, as evidenced by the posters advertising gambler’s support groups.

The whole purpose of the gathering was due, in part, to the process of aging. If we wait another five years for a reunion, chances are very high that someone in the family will not be attending because of this. Life, after all, is terminal. One uncle arranged dinner on the second evening and called it “The Last Supper” in recognition of our mortality.

Although I would not fork out the $8.95 a day for Wi-Fi, I spent the vast majority of my time in the room, reading, resting, or journaling. The family probably believes me to be a solitary loner who doesn’t like to visit. Not at all, I just needed some down time, some quiet time to recharge my Spirit, to relax and to regroup. It was a chance when peering through my journal to view where I’ve been, where I am, and where my hopes and dreams may take me.

It has been awhile since I’ve blogged. Upon my return to work, there were several mountains of paperwork that need processed – filed, copied or scanned, disseminated and of course the sundry sum of those that required correspondence or replies consumed a large portion of my time.  I remember looking at my desk and wanting to turn and run! However, diligence and resolve can accomplish much.

Two years ago when I began working at this current position, I looked at the paperwork that awaited someone (anyone!) to tackle it and get a handle on it. I thought to myself, “Oh, Dear Lord! What have I gotten myself into?”

My first priority was to make sense of what it was and what needed to be done. We have a myriad of policies in our agency and they are sequentially numbered for various topics, such as Administration, Budget, Physical Plant, Security, Human Resources and the like. I used the policy numbers to set up the filing system. It works very well – at least for me.

Some of the items I had been filing have now been eliminated as I am no longer keeping hard copies, but scanned digital copies or eFiles. I love streamlining! I also love not having to handle an item more than twice.

A new job opportunity has come up and I have applied for it. It is still within the agency, is a promotional opportunity and would eliminate the two hours of travel I have daily. From a round trip of 73 miles daily to that of 22 would also be a cash advantage with the current state of affairs in the cost of fueling the vehicle.
Even though I haven’t been writing, I have been reading your blogs via Google Reader. It is so convenient with exception to not allowing me to make comments on your blogs. I just read that Google is discontinuing the Reader on July 1st.

There are some advantages to Google Chrome that I just love, and others? Well, they are difficult to get used to, or at least they are for me.

This is all I have to share as the latest installment of what is happening in my life!

Simply yours,


  1. The smiles in this photo speak volumes!!
    So glad that you were able to have your family reunion...and your quiet time, too.
    Both were blessings to you, I'm sure.
    Praying and praying for an affirmative on the application for the new job. To be able to drive less miles is worth a lot, my friend. I know. My daughter travels an hour and a half (one way) to work each day...and that is such a long drive. I pray for a closer position for you, and I covet your prayers regarding the same for my daughter.
    Thank you in advance, because I know that you will pray for her.
    It's good to see you back; I missed you. I knew I would!!
    Welcome home, my friend.

  2. Gorgeous Mother/Daughter photo Tamara. What a lovely newsy update. That is such a long round trip each day - I would be exhausted. I can imagine the countryside is lovely most of the time though. I so hope you get the new position to save some time and $$'s.
    -chuckle- The Last Supper.......... A lot of family representatives from around the nation! Lots to catch up no doubt.
    GoogleChrome?! I just don't understand any of it really and, as for this Google Reader going off on the 1st July I really have little idea of what it all means for us Bloggers, or what I should do in advance!

    Take care dear Tamara.

  3. Beautiful picture! I couldn't ( and can't) handle casinos either! way too much stimuli for me. I'm not sure I could handle a family reunion or get together either but they're important nonetheless. I hope you get the new job. xoxo


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