Monday, April 29, 2013

Morning Has Spoken

I am determined to follow through with rising earlier, greeting the day, lighting candles, praying and reading the Word.

If time allows, I’d also like to journal those things the Lord lays upon my heart or just doodle along with the journaling.

This morning, I took my first cup of coffee and went outside to listen for the sounds of nature, bird song in particular. The only sound I heard was the desolate howl of a coyote.  It is a spine chilling yowl that makes your blood run cold. Most persons I know abhor the coyote. I know they can do damage and kill livestock and pets, then again I find something wildly exhilarating about them.

Often on my morning commute, I will see the coyote returning to their den as they are nocturnal beings. One morning I was privileged to see a female with two pups crossing the Spur (the road to work) to return to their lodging.

The coyote’s coloring is a varied as yours and mine, but my individual favorite is the blond coloring.  This time of year, they appear to be heavier in weight, but come winter, they will be looking scrawny and lean.

I had a coyote once stop at the side of the road and turn to observe me in my vehicle. It was curious, but then I thought perhaps we were kindred spirits of a sort. I’ve even met them (one at a time) on the walking path behind our home. We both stopped and considered one another. I raised my walking stick and shouted, “I am the alpha female here!” and off she trod, as did I.

We also have Mexican grey wolves in our area, but I have yet to see one. I don’t believe I’d be as brave with the wolf as I am with the coyote.

Speaking of Brave, have you seen the Disney Pixel movie by that name? I had to rent it, if only for the Brave Child with the wild red hair! I enjoyed it, but Grandson did not like it as well, since it had a strong willed girl as the heroine!

One evening he did choose a movie for me to watch, the ever so delightful Disney Pixel “UP”. I always have to have the tissues close by when watching this. It is a “must see” but it is more geared to adult, long term committed relationships. I really, really want an Ellie Badge... "Cross your heart! Cross it!"
lneighbour via Tumblr

Simply yours,
Song of Solomon 2:15Amplified Bible (AMP)15 [My heart was touched and I fervently sang to him my desire] Take for us the foxes, the [a]little foxes that spoil the vineyards [of our love], for our vineyards are in blossom.
  1. Song of Solomon 2:15: What is my greatest concern, the thing about which most of all I want Christ’s help? When He asks to hear my voice, what do I tell Him?
I just loved this footnote from the Amplified Bible, so I left it in for you to ponder upon!


  1. I have seen (and loved) Brave...
    The coyote is a beautiful animal to watch, and I am proud of you, my alpha female friend!!
    Love to you as you rise early, take in the beauties of the morning, and journal.
    Love you,

    1. It was my daughter who recommended both "UP" and "Brave"! She and I have very similar tastes.

  2. Hi Tamara!

    I really enjoyed reading this post! Made me think of a great book I read a few year ago called Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver; among many interesting characters and nature things there was quite a lot about coyotes too!

    I haven't seem "Brave" yet, but I love "UP"! That's the way my husband and I aim to be, like Ellie & Karl in their commitment and love for each other. Truly a must see movie! Maybe because I'm from South America I love when Ellie says:"South America - It's like America... but South!"


    1. Oh now I'm going to have to visit the library and read the Prodigal Summer!

      "UP" is just truly special, especially their commitment and love.

  3. your coyote remarks reminded me of a talk i heard about
    vultures. everyone hates them, but in the place they
    have become extinct, terrible consequences occured.

    every creature has a duty to creation.


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