Sunday, January 19, 2014

Encouraging Young Parents

It has been rather quiet lately. Nesting and settling into the new home as well as working the part-time job at church has been filling my days and time. My hands are dry and cracked from all the cleaning. I forget to use the rubber gloves.

It feels good to be “healthy” and not having medically necessary issues to contend with, i.e. kidney stones. It could be better… like getting back into the walking routine. I miss that and all I need to do is MOVE and DO IT!

We had our six-year old grand last week. It was his first visit to the new home. He seemed to like it but was disappointed the swimming pool wasn’t up and running. Yes, it does get cold enough in Arizona to close down community pools!

With that being said, a local big box craft / hobby store was having a “Kids Klub” and we were able to get him in. He loved it and painted an owl on a canvas. All for $2! Next time, we will look for something kid based at Home Depot.

In the evenings we would light the candles in the fireplace and let that light the room while we prepared for his bath and bedtime. It was almost a ritual that signaled the end of the day for him (as well as for me). We do this almost every night.

We have a wonderful patio and small yard. They both need work. That we can do and we are going to try to be very economical when it comes to outfitting the patio. So… sitting arrangement or table and chairs? The debate rages, but they will either be yard sale finds or secondhand store purchases. I was even thinking that a secondhand futon might be good for sitting and would serve the old dog (mini Schnauzer) well. But then again… will I be able to get up and out! The planning and dreaming is part and parcel of the creative process.

Of course, as with all homes, there is the upkeep and maintenance. This place needs some TLC and with that come extra expenses. We are getting estimates for new windows and two patio doors (or perhaps French doors). This townhouse was built in 1976 and has original everything except appliances. Single pane, old windows are just not economical. So it begins. Sorting through the never-ending list and setting priorities.

We have a wonderful family service second hand store call TMM – formerly known as Tucson Metropolitan Mission. They have a Re-Store shop where you can purchase appliances, kitchen cabinets, doors and hardware. Their Logo alone would make me want to support their effort!

Have you been finding everyday grace in your life? Honestly, I’ve been better at this some day’s than others. To find the everyday grace, I must slow down and actively seek it. Sometimes I find it in a devotional, others through the word, but often it is through people – just like you and just like me.

Most recently it was through a father and his four year old son. Dad was walking with his son who was riding his bike (fully decked out with a helmet, thank you very much!). They were riding through the campus of the church and stopped in the office. The little guy needed a break. He was so polite and quite the little gentleman. While re-grouping I gave him some paper and highlighters. He drew me a picture of himself and it is now hanging above my desk. 

The next time I see this father I intend to let him know what a good job he is doing. Young parents need to be encouraged and parenting is an important vocation, especially for fathers. There are so many absentee fathers in our society that we must actively encourage those who are not.

Wishing you everyday grace,
P.S. Genesis 1:1In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.
I’m sure that is where my creative streak comes from – my Father!


  1. You have that gift, Tamara. Encourager.
    You are such a gentle and loving person. I wish we lived closer so that we could chat face to face.
    Until we meet in heaven, I will be content to continue to be your faraway friend. And, you know that I think that blogging friends are the best.
    So glad that you were able to spend such a lovely time with your Grandson. heart is happy to know that the gentleman that stopped in at your office is doing such a fine job with his son. Sweet of you to display the young lad's work. But, that is something that you would do. You are an encourager.
    Thank you, sweet friend.

    1. You are most kind, my blogger Forever Friend! I, too, wish we could meet F2F, but we will have all eternity.

  2. Oh Tamara, for the second time this afternoon my internet connection kicked me off AFTER I had written a rather long comment. (once for you and once for another blog-friend) So FRUSTRATING. Anyhow sweet lady, a wonderful post and I hung on every word.
    Quickly I must hit publish before I kicked off AGAIN!

    1. Oh Rose! How disconcerting it is to get kicked off the internet connection. I am impressed by your tenacity to keep trying to post comments! Bless your heart!


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