Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Holy Week and Loving Like Christ

On Saturday, April 5th, I spent the day with the Church Lady, B. and another 4th Day friend M.J. at a an immigration prayer vigil. To date, the Obama Administration has deported 2 million people, and two-thirds of them would probably qualify for immigration reform. That means we've spent $16.5 BILLION removing people who may not even deserve to be deported! But that's a topic for another day and another post.

The next weekend, April 12th, a tragedy befell my dear friend, the Church Lady and her family. I could barely understand Church Lady when she called me that Saturday evening, through her angst, through her tears. I had to repeat back to her what I believed she was saying and then sat in stunned silence.

It was a horrible tragedy. It was an unthinkable catastrophe. Their 20-month old grand died tragically in a drowning accident. How does one recoup from such a tragedy? It will take time. And grace. Much grace. It will also take more of the dignity this grieving family has already been displaying.

This coming Saturday, I will be traveling to attend the funeral of this Grand Child. I will stand in solidarity with the Church Lady. I will honor this families grief and acknowledge their extreme loss.

It is Holy Week. I wonder how a loss of this nature could come to pass. You see, I call her the Church Lady because she is in ministry. Yes, she is a pastor and she serves others. God? How can this tragedy be?

As Easter approaches; I remember Christ’s agony in the Garden during my own prayer time. I recall his disappointment over one who betrayed him and one who denied him. And yet he loved. I recall his disciples could not keep watch with him and fell asleep. And yet he loved. I am awestruck by Christ’s great love and in spite of my own failures he loves me! I ran out of words to express my love and gratitude towards him, and soon I began to think of other things.

I think about those looking for work. I pray the right job would open up for the right person. I pray for my friend’s (the Church Lady) loss and for the family's emotional well-being. I often wonder what I can do to help in a real and tangible way. Perhaps I can extend my prayer by following through with action. I can write an uplifting note or card to someone who is ill or going through a tough time. I could provide a meal for someone in crisis. I could take a person who is homebound shopping and then out to lunch. I can even make a phone call to someone who has been placed upon my mind and heart.

Anything I (we) do to improve the well-being of another person can be a way of “being Jesus to the world.” I merely have to wait to hear the Lord speak to me. Admittedly, he does not speak audibly to me, but I am keenly aware of him moving in my Spirit with his gentle (and sometimes not so gentle) nudging.

Please remember this dear woman, the Church Lady in your prayers. Even so, ~AMEN!

Wishing you everyday grace,
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  1. I will remember her, Tamara.
    My heart breaks as I read this. I cannot imagine the pain and sorrow that the family feels. It is almost unspeakable. Thank you for sharing the prayer request regarding the loss of her Grandchild.
    I send my love to you and your family.

  2. Saturday evening...
    Tamara, I wanted to come back to your blog and let you know that my heart continues to be heavy for this dear sweet lady. I also wanted you to know that I'm thinking of you.
    May your Easter be blessed.
    Love to you and to those you love,

    1. I received a lovely Easter card in the mail, Jackie! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers.


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