Thursday, May 7, 2009

Today's Devotional Scripture

A good life gets passed on to the grandchildren. ~Proverbs 13:22 MSG

Now I don't know about you, but I took the term "Study Bible" very literal. I have notes, underlines, other verse notations marked all over my study bible. I even wrote a note on the pages between the old and new testaments for whomever will have my bible when I experience the "Passover." I hope it will be passed on to one of my grandchildren. I hope they will open the bible and read it and the notations I've made. I hope they realize that I had more than religion, but a relationship with the living Christ that sustained me through the good and bad times.

It reminds me of a former neighbor of ours in Ohio. Her husband of many years had developed Alzheimer's and would sometimes wander off and get lost. The police would find him and bring him home. When this wonderful Christian woman came to the conclusion that she could no longer manage his care alone, they had an auction and sold their home.

She shared with me the decision to move out and sell their home was to allow them to enter a skilled nursing facility where her husband would have proper care, but also that they could live together in an apartment at the facility. What a loving example she was to me.

When the auction started, I registered and purchased some of her boxes that were filled with old bible studies. I read her notes, her insights on the scripture and was actually "discipled" by what she had written down. I learned a message of what sacrificial love inside the marriage union was all about.

Today, I'm thanking God for the legacy of those Christian women who have gone before me and left a loving example worthy of imitating.

Have a wonderful day,

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