Saturday, July 11, 2009

Just a Note

Yesterday I received the Warm Hearts Award from Jackie (at Jackie-teacherspet). This award is very special and an honor because it's an award created by Sandy (at Beachgirl77) in memory of her son Jonny. This award is passed on to those who are bolstering, uplifting, reassuring, soothing, calming, cheering, consoling, and encouraging. Thank you Jackie, for sharing this award with me.

This is a picture of Becky, the young mother of two beautiful little girls and wife of Martin. She was "re-called" to active duty. I would appreciate your prayers for her and I'm sure she would too! Also pray for her daughters and husband.

I remain,


  1. Congratulations Tamara, well deserved my friend...:-) Hugs

  2. I will pray for Becky Tamara. And congratulations on your award, you do have a warm heart!


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