Sunday, July 12, 2009

Today's Devotional Scripture

Today's Verse
Train children in the right way, and when old, they will not stray.
Proverbs 22:6 NRSV
Thoughts on today's verse...
My husband and I have done the first part to the best of our ability, now we're just waiting for the last part! We've hopefully taught our children Christian principles to live by, but they will have to test those principles for themselves. Like us, somethings can only be learned by making mistakes.

Once they are grown, all we can do is accept, love and pray for them. But DO draw the line at enabling them! Then, let them go. God is their parent for eternity and only through God's grace and power can they live holy lives.

I liken this to eagles in the wild. They start their nest with a lot of large sticks, thorns, broken bones, pieces of sharp glass and other odd and ends to build the base. Next, they get smaller sticks, twigs and grasses. Finally, just before they lay their eggs, they pull down and feathers from their own bodies to line the nest for a comfort to the newly hatched chicks making it a cozy, comfortable place for the newly hatched eaglets.

When it's time for the eaglets to leave the nest, Mama and Papa Eagle begin to tear out all the nice, comfy, fluffy items lining the nest, leaving all the sharp, pointed objects. This makes the eaglet uncomfortable, so he perches on the edge of the nest. One parent will be soring above the nest, and one below. The one above the nest will dive at the eaglet and force him off the nest. If the eaglet does not fly, the one soring below will catch him and return him to the edge of the nest, where the process begins all over again.
My prayer...
Oh Lord, my God... help me to be patient, loving, and prayerful with my adult children's lives. May they eventually acknowledge You and worship You. May I remember the lesson of the eagles. ~Amen

Yours, because we're His,



  1. Lord, lift me up on eagle's wings.
    Thank you for the post, Tamara.
    You have a gift for sharing deep and spiritual thoughts...and I need them, every day.
    Bless you, Tamara.
    Smiles from Jackie

  2. What a grand post...I have experienced all the wonder that is offered in this reflection. This doesn't mean that I can stop praying for that is an ongoing endeavor in all our lives. Indeed, I too feel lifted by your post! Cathy

  3. Tamara, what a lovely post. I only got here this evening as I love reading your post and prayer when I start my day but it still makes me feel good.....:-) Hugs, Bernie


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