Friday, January 15, 2010

“Be still, and know that I am God.”
Psalms 46:10

Have you ever noticed how we hate silence? I don’t mean the momentary silence after you walk inside from loud street noise. I mean the “quiet yourself down and think” kind of silence. It’s so hard to shut off all the inward noise and chatter. We’re obsessed with busyness. It’s as if we’re afraid to face who we really are and where we are in our journey. But facing our loneliness is something we need to do, something we need to reckon with. Leanne Payne makes this point in her book, “Listening Prayer.” She writes, “Our Pastoral task is to help all needy individuals face their inner loneliness, and there begin to hear God and their own true self. Everyone one of us – not just those who are the most visibly wounded by the darkness in humanity and the world – has to face that inner loneliness and separation from God. We all need to begin the rigorous but sternly magnificent work of converting the ‘desert of loneliness’ within into the spaciously beautiful ‘garden of solitude’ where the true self comes forward and flourishes. This is the self that is capable of friendship and Christian fellowship.” As we face our life, we need to stop filling in the gaps with empty “busyness”. Instead we need to consider who we are and all that God is. This will lead us on a beautiful journey of the soul. Throughout this day, stop and listen to your inner self, bring it to God and dialog with Him. May you begin to hear God and embrace your true self in Him.

Lord, so many times during the day You cry out my name, but I am too busy “keeping busy” that I do not hear You. How many times Lord, You have wanted me to turn to You in my loneliness but I fill the void with noise. Lord, I am sorry. I want to hear You, I want to know You. Help me start today to convert my “desert of loneliness” into a “garden of solitude.” Amen!



  1. That my busyness may be come YOUR business,Loord. Amen! Thank you for this reflection! I need to be reminded of this often! Cathy

  2. Tamara, I used this exact Bible quote on my prayer blog last night!
    But more along the lines of acceptance.

    I love how you used it, and the 'listening prayer' is something I've been striving for.
    Thank you, I will refer to this post often.
    All the best,

  3. " me to be less busy about my business...and tune in to what You have for me to hear."
    Thank you, Tamara...

  4. Thankyou Tamara,
    This hit home... : ) I have this verse on a wall hanging in my bedroom and I see it every morning when I open my eyes.

    ((((LOVE an HUGS)))) T


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