Thursday, February 4, 2010


“May he grant your heart’s desires and make all your plans succeed.”
Psalms 20:4

“Delight yourself in the LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart.”
Psalms 37:4

God cares about our plans and desires. He cares about our dreams and aspirations. David knew this and prayed that God would grant our heart’s desires and make all our plans succeed. But he also knew that we are fickle, immature and many, many times very unspiritual. Can you imagine God granting every selfish and immature desire we have had? Can you imagine if God allowed our envy, jealous and lustful desires to come true? What about vengeance, isn’t that a desire of the heart? That is why in Psalms 37:4 we read Paul Harvey's the “rest of the story.” David says that our first goal should be to delight ourselves in the Lord, then we will get the desire of our heart. I heard one preacher say it this way. “Love God and do as you please.” What he was saying was, if we truly love God, then our desires will line up with His. So today, start to delight in God. Really delight in Him. Love Him, get to know Him, worship Him. Start to delight in what He thinks and desires for your life. If you do, you will align your desires with His. When this happens, you can pray with David, “May He grant my heart’s desires and make all my plans succeed.”

Lord, help me delight in You today. Might You be my source of joy, passion and purpose. Help my plans and desires line up with Your goals for my life. I commit my life to You and trust You to guide me day by day. In Jesus Name ~Amen!

As I re-read this, it sounds so familiar.  I can't recall if I've read somthing similar or if I forgot to delete this from my "do this in advance" devotional workbook.  But I do want to delight in the Lord, not only today, but always.  So, apologies if I've printed this before or perhaps we (or better, I) need to hear and read this again.     Hugs to you all, Tamara

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  1. Well, even if it's been said before, it's a beautiful reflection and worth hearing and contemplating again!

    Lately I've been praying that my heart's desires be God's Desires for me, because often I think those two desires are at odds!

    And I didn't used to believe that God cared about every little thing going on in our lives until I had a debate once with a Jehovah's Witness, and she told me a story about being at her son's baseball game, another boy got a home run and his Mom said "That's because I asked God to let him have a home run, he really needed it today." Well, the Jehovah Witness took offense, she turned around to that mother and said, "I have a friend that is right now in the hospital praying for God to spare the life of her child, to cure her child of cancer. Do you think God is answering your prayer for your son to hit a home run while ignoring my friend's prayer for God to cure her daughter?"
    Well, I think I shocked her when I said, "Yes, I do think God cares about little boys and baseball, and for whatever reason in His Wisdom, He decided to say yes to the Mom for a homerun and is seeming to say no to the Mom for a cure for cancer."
    And ever since that day I take every single thing to the Lord, big or small, I ask His Favor.
    Because when you think about it, what is more important than a mother praying for a cure for cancer for her child? Not much. So should we weigh every need against that? I don't think so.
    I pray for everything, from a cure for Alzheimer's to a parking place, every need I have, I place before the Good Lord.

    All the best,


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