Saturday, March 27, 2010

Good Bye

Thank you for your comments and emails.  They have been so sweet and encouraging  Still, it is time to travel on.  Perhaps when I retire I can return to doing this, but for now, I need to concentrate on my employment and on being Grandma to Abby and Zachary.

Possibly I need to seek a Christian counselor as the depression I've been in seems at times to be overwhelming.  This too, was a deciding factor in closing the blog.   Still, I find it encouraging that David experienced the depths of depression and expressed it so eloquently in his Psalms. 

I continue to visit your blogs as you have all become so dear to my heart.

because we're His,

Good bye my blog land friends.  I believe it is time to discontinue this blog and devotional.  It's rather ironic, but it seems the posts have all been meant for me and so now it's time to delve deeper.  I'm going to leave this blog behind and travel on.

Thank you for your support and encouragement, but the time has come...