Friday, March 5, 2010

Today's Devotional Scripture


“But I am trusting you, O LORD, saying, ‘You are my God!’ My future is in your hands.”
Psalms 31:14-15

How much of our present is influenced by the fear of our future? What will people think of us? What will people say? Have you ever stopped to realize how many times a day you self speak, “What if? What if? What if?” It’s not bad to stop and consider consequences. Jesus Himself said if we were going to war we would need to first consider the size of the enemy’s army to see if we could win. Strategy is good, but not to the point that it takes the place of trusting God in everything we do. David told God, “I am trusting You, O Lord.” He then followed it with a strong affirmation of God’s love and power. He wrote, “My future is in your hands.” How about you? How about me? Where is our trust today? Do you say you trust God, but spend time worrying about your future as if God did not exist? If so, surrender to God today. Make Him the Lord of your today and tomorrow. Like David, put your future in Gods Hands. It’s the best place to put it.

Father, thank You that I can come to You with my future. Please guide me, comfort me and direct my every step. I renounce fear and pray that Your Holy Spirit will help me live this day with faith, hope and love. In Jesus Name ~Amen!