Monday, October 10, 2011

The Annual Apple Annie's Event!

Harvest Time

On Saturday, we took our grandchildren Abby & Zachary to Apple Annie’s in Willcox, Arizona for autumn fun and frivolity!  We rode hay rides, picked out pumpkins, got lost in the Corn Maze and ate expensive junk food!


Not unlike the popular commercial:



Each of the children was able to select their own pumpkin. Abby’s pumpkin was bigger and weighed more than she does.  Zachary was determined he was getting a medium sized pumpkin, and he was true to his word.  GamMaw picked out a pumpkin of a different color.

We got there early on and rode the hay wagon all by ourselves to the pumpkin patch.  Anyone we passed was greeted with “parade” waves. 

The colors of autumn were vibrant with the orange hues of the pumpkins, the golden yellows of the sunflowers and all the peppers and squash waiting to be picked in the U-Pick fields.  The scent of freshly popped Kettle Korn was wafting through the air.


After the trip back to the beginning of the excursion on the hay rides, we purchased our pumpkins, placed them in the back of the car and headed to the Corn Maze.  We were greeted and provided with the toddler version of the map to find our way through the maze.  Zachary was kind enough to hold my hand so I wouldn’t ‘get lost or scared’.  There were ten posted areas with questions to be answered to determine if you would take the road to the right or to the left.  Poor Abby stated, “But I don’t know my right hand from my left!”  We’ll be working on that!


Monkey Feet!

The corn stalks were dried and some had exposed roots that Zachary explained were “monkey feet”.  What on earth did he mean?  Upon closer examination, I can see what he was seeing!


It probably took us 35 plus minutes to get through the intermediate maze.  I am so glad we didn’t do the advanced maze! 


Afterwards, we sat in the shade under the tent while GamPaw found some sustenance of dubious quality… Kettle Korn and Honey Sticks!  A healthier choice of bottled water to quench our parched throats and then two roasting ears of corn for the Kiddos! 


Approximately 2-hours had elapsed when we found the restrooms and headed into Willcox to find lunch for the Grandkids!  Popeye’s Chicken was the selection of the day.  Zachary said he didn’t want anything, but totally cleaned his plate of quality “nuggets” and fries.  Abby did likewise.


We headed home and both fell asleep in their car seats!  What a wonderful day of family memory making!


Ephesians 3:14-16

New International Version

14 For this reason I kneel before the Father, 15 from whom every family in heaven and on earth derives its name. 16 I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being,



  1. Oh Rebecca....what fun!!...and I'm glad that you have photos for us to share the fun with you!
    I would STILL be in the maze....!!
    We are headed to the apple festival in Waynesville day after tomorrow.

  2. Tamara...I apologize for calling you "Rebecca"....chalk it up to a senior moment... I'm sorry, my friend. Love you...

  3. That's OK! I was honored to be confused with Rebecca! =)


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