Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Free Fall...

Well, it is Autumn!  And it is free! 

There is just something about this time of year.  The chill, the scent, and the promise of winter and then the rebirth of spring. 

Many areas of the country are having their annual county fairs.  Even though I'm not the person who likes the amusement park rides, I do love a good spin on a carousel! 

There was a Methodist Church in Coshocton Ohio that had an annual Apple Butter Festival.  Oh, the wonderful smells that traveled through the valley when they were cooking it outside in big copper kettles!  The scent of cinnamon and clove would permeate the locale.  It was wonderful and was almost a foretaste of the scents and tastes of Christmas. Ummmmm...

Coshocton had an antique village - Roscoe Village that was built at the site of the Erie Canal.  One could take a leisurely ride on an old canal barge being pulled along the water way by mules or tour the old historic homes in the area. 

The colors of the trees heightened the Autumn experience and fall produce was in abundance: apples, squash, pumpkins...  Further east of Coshocton was Holmes County where there is a large Amish settlement.  Traveling the highways and byways, over the hills and around the turns you could see the corn shocks, hay hills (for lack of a proper term) and gardens glowing with the colors of fall and the burnt orange pumpkins.  The area even has specific signage to advise "caution" for the horse drawn buggies.

The road side produce stands promise to tantalize your taste buds!  Every Amish home you pass has similar curtains in the window.  They are all a varying shade of blue. 

Recently the "Hubs" was in Ohio and he visited Amish country.  At a produce stand he purchased pure maple syrup - two plastic quart bottles of it.  When he flew home his luggage was missing.  A few hours later it turned up on another flight and he was given a $100 voucher for the inconvenience.  Upon arrival home, he opened the luggage to remove the maple syrup and he found a pre-printed note from the TSA!  Yep, the luggage with the maple syrup with singled out for inspection.  You know what this means, don't you?  We will be purchasing maple syrup and transporting it back every time we visit Ohio now!

Autumn is a bit different here in the SW.  It is not quite as discernible with the season change, unless you are looking for it.  We don't have day light savings time, so the days get shorter earlier and say dark longer.  The mornings and evenings are cooler.  The night sky is just brilliant with stars.

This weekend is our Graham County Fair, but we will be taking the Grandkids to Apple Annie's for hay rides, pumpkin picking and a corn maze exploration!  I'm looking forward to creating some memories.

Enjoy the scents and sounds of Autumn!

Psalm 34:8

New King James Version (NKJV)

8 Oh, taste and see that the LORD is good;
Blessed is the man who trusts in Him!



  1. Enjoyed reading...should have been a columnist of sort...appreciate you...as always muffin

  2. What a beautiful post, Tamara!
    I enjoyed reading it so much. I loved the smell of the apple butter...the feel of seeing the old mule-pulled barges and relishing the colors of the Amish homes. You have painted your blog today. Yes, you have.
    I smile at the maple syrup story...and am so sorry that the TSA confiscated your liquid gold. I also didn't know you don't have the discernable color changes where you live....nor that you don't have DST. (Lucky on the last one, my friend. I dread the time changing each year.)
    Enjoy the weekend with your Grandchildren. It sounds like a very memorable weekend for you all!!! Love and hugs to you, my friend.


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