Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Love & Prayer Through the Generations

3 - Generations
UPDATE 07/26/2012: Baby Girl received a call from the surgeon with an "ALL CLEAR" on the pathology report. She also had her follow up appointment today and received good news about the healing process. She will have a return visit in 3 months and can return to work on Monday!

God is good!



The thyroid surgery on Monday for Baby Girl was successful. It was set back three hours and then took an additional three hours so emotions and nerves were tense. The outcome was good but we're still awaiting the pathology report.

I won't be posting much while in Ohio, your prayers for her recovery would be most welcomed. We now also wait while they do blood testing to see what medication levels will be required.

Blessing to all,

p.s.  enjoy the pix - it's the roller derby grrlz! Baby Girl is this year's League President.