Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Love & Prayer Through the Generations

3 - Generations
UPDATE 07/26/2012: Baby Girl received a call from the surgeon with an "ALL CLEAR" on the pathology report. She also had her follow up appointment today and received good news about the healing process. She will have a return visit in 3 months and can return to work on Monday!

God is good!



The thyroid surgery on Monday for Baby Girl was successful. It was set back three hours and then took an additional three hours so emotions and nerves were tense. The outcome was good but we're still awaiting the pathology report.

I won't be posting much while in Ohio, your prayers for her recovery would be most welcomed. We now also wait while they do blood testing to see what medication levels will be required.

Blessing to all,

p.s.  enjoy the pix - it's the roller derby grrlz! Baby Girl is this year's League President.


  1. I can imagine what a day that was Tamara. I pray that the good Lord is smiling on her and everything goes well from now on and the P. report is good. Lovely to see the three generations. Beautiful girls, all three of you. Love Di ♥

    1. We still haven't heard back on the P. report yet... in fact she's on the phone now seeing if they are in... nothing yet... until the post op appt. next week [SIGH...]

      Had my Mom been here from AZ, we could have done 4-Gens! Now that would be awesome! And thanks for the compliment!

  2. Prayers for a good outcome with Path Report Tamara. A tense time. Oh gosh the pics are wonderful ..... gorgeous girls.
    Roller Derby!! there's not much I know of here in Oz but I'm guessing it's a tough game and not for the feint hearted? Go 'Baby girl'... :)
    Hugs for all

    1. Thanks for prayers on the P Report - see above note to Di as we still know nothing.

      Thanks for your comment on our 3-Gen Pix! Baby Girl doesn't skate anymore due to a skating incident where her ankle was broken and now a metal plate and 12-screws... well, she is tough, but she now manages/is president of group.

      The Derby she participates in is WFT (Women's Flat Track). It's not the knock down, drag out, hair pulling drama from the 60's & 70's. But it is dramatic - the Grrlz all have their stage names and Baby Girl's was/is Bruis'Anya Bootay. This due to practice bouts and seeing her backside in the mirror!

    2. How frustrating - the darn waiting game :( OMGosh a metal plate and 12 screws???? in baby girl's ankle??? wow that must have been some crash. Haha stage names. Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. I'll keep checking back for any updates.

  3. i'm so glad it went well. will keep her in my prayers.

    1. Thank you! She sees the surgeon again on Thursday. We should learn the pathology findings then.


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