Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood

Things are busy here. We have our four year old grandson for the week and I'm preparing for my trip eastward. Add to that trying to get all the lose ends at work caught up and I will probably need a' pre' and 'post' vacation respite!

Zachary and his Gam'Pa have a very special relationship. I love watching the two of them together. I believe Zachary is his Gam'Pa's shadow. Last evening Gam'Pa was mowing the lawn. This is Arizona, remember? Our 'lawn' is a grassy patch that Hubs had to have to remind him of land in the east... and water bills in the west... And he's allergic to grass! We use an electric mower that we've had for years. It is so quiet and the only drawback is having to move the extension cord when you move. Of course Zachary wanted to help. So Gam'Pa allowed him to push the mower and to pull it back with minimal help.

I know Gam'Pa could have had the area mowed in much less time, however it was an opportunity for learning, for sharing responsibility, and bonding for Zachary and Gam'Pa.

Later in the evening, while bathing and getting ready for bed, Zachary and I got into the famous "I love you, Zachary!" to which he replies, "I love you more" and I respond, "No, I love YOU more!" and on and on we go. Hugging, laughing, winding down the day with a grandparent ritual to prepare for bed.

Afterward, I watched a PBS documentary on Mr. Rogers. My own children grew up with Mr. Rogers in their lives. It was much, much different than Sesame Street. Not as 'busy' and vibrant, but more comforting with Mr. Rogers who seemed to peer intently into the very soul of the child who was watching. He spoke TO the child and not AT the child.

Mr. Rogers was ordained a minister in the Presbyterian Church. I believe his church was the stage of television as provided by PBS and what a congregation he nurtured.

According to the program, he was speaking with a friend on the very day of the massacre at Columbine High School. He said if only the children today could find something beautiful, something noble and something sacred in their lives as well in the lives of others, then perhaps a tragedy of this nature could be avoided. That struck me as something so very profound as well as very simplistic. 

That is my challenge for you today - find
something beautiful  something noble  something sacred 
Then let me know what you found!

For anyone not familiar with Mister Rogers' Neighborhood just click on the hyperlink and be transported to the wonderful world of Wikipedia!

 P.S.  They serve at a sacred tent. But it is only a copy and shadow of what is in heaven. Hebrews 8:5 NIRV


  1. Well it was a rather dull day around here today but I shall try.
    Something beautiful: My daughter cooking dinner.
    Something noble: My husband putting up with my whining.
    Something sacred: The hour that I had alone at my favorite thrift store today.
    Sorry it isn't more prolific but it was an ordinary day here! I remember Mr. Rogers very well. I didn't know the details that you posted of today. Interesting, thanks!
    Love Di ♥

    1. You're most welcome, Di! Thank you for finding the beautiful, the noble and the sacred! I think I might just challenge myself to that daily as a way to end the day... hmmm. And note it in my journal.

  2. It's Silent Sunday here Tamara as I read your delightful post so I shall limit my response to just today for your challenge. (limiting it to today limits it somewhat ;)
    Beautiful: Noble: Sacred:
    * I found beauty in the sky this morning as the sun broke gently through the gums trees after 5 days of rain.
    * I thought it poignantly noble when one of my dogs allowed the other to have a turn at chewing the only bone left.
    * I immersed myself in sacred moments of thought and reflection; contemplation and thanks and prayers for guidance.


  3. Tamara, I've been having trouble commenting on many blogs, I keep getting an error message, sometimes the comment will end up posting in spite of the message but most times not. I don't see my comment here so I guess it didn't publish.
    I loved Mr. Rogers and my kids watched him faithfully. I found they were even drawn more to him than Sesame Street or Electric Company (two other favorites).
    I've read so many stories of children (now grown) who say that Mr. Rogers was a positive influence on them, and so many that say he was the one constant saving grace in their lives.
    Beautiful post, Tamara.
    And here it is, Sunday again.
    Love and Prayers,


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