Monday, October 28, 2013

What do genetics have to do with it?

I was going through my file container of 'important paperwork' when I found them. Miscellaneous family pictures. It quite probably wouldn't have been such a big deal, but it startled me to see such familial resemblance in some of the pictures. Ah, genetics.

So I played around with the pictures and posted them on Facebook. I'm sharing them here, too.

This is my daughter Shannon and me. It was taken awhile ago...

This is my son Nicholas and his son Zachary. I have other pictures of Nicholas and when I show them to Zachary and ask him, "Who is this?" he always answers, "ME!" When I correct him, his response is, "Grandma... you're funny!"

This is a picture of my Grand Niece Ashley, who is now a senior in high school. Beside her is a picture of my Granddaughter Abby. I was amazed at the similarities in their looks.

I've not been one to check very far into the family tree. I've always been a bit apprehensive as to what might fall from the branches, if you understand what I'm saying. I am, however, amazed at what I just opened my eyes to!

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Psalm 69:8  (NIV)

I am a foreigner to my own family, a stranger to my own mother’s children

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  1. Tamara, I was so certain I had left a comment when I first saw this post! I was just skipping by to thank you for a good belly laugh at my place! You have your troubles with blogger and commenting - the worst thing that happens to me from time to time is that I'll do a BIG comment (usually deep and meaningful) or, terribly funny and when I press publish I realise my internet connection has tossed me off!!


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