Saturday, February 6, 2010

Planned Neglect

One evening, a man sat in the audience of a performing arts center and was moved to tears by the beautiful songs of a concert violinist.  At the reception following the concert, the man approached the artist.  He said, "You are so accomplished for your age! What is the secret to your success?"

The violinist smiled and gave a little chuckle as she replied, "Planned neglect!"  Noticing the confused look on the man's face, she explained: "Years ago I discovered that there were many things that demanded my time.  I would wake up, eat breakfast, then tidy up around the house.  I would check my mailbox and return phone calls and run errands.  Before I know it, the clock would be well into the afternoon as I began my violin practice.  But by then I was no longer fresh.  I was improving my music skills, but not enough to become a concert violinist.  I realized that this system failed to accomplish the desired results."

"I decided that I had to reverse things.  Now I deliberately set aside everything else each day until my practice period is ended.  My chores and errands still get completed, but my violin practice receives the best and freshest part of my day.  That system of planned neglect accounts for my success."

Likewise, when we put our relationship with Christ first in our lives, everything else will fall into place.  We will grow in our spiritual walk when we practice "planned neglect" of our earthly distractions.  And this begs the question, is your relationship with Christ suffering neglect or is it first in your life?  If I am to be totally honest, some of my days are much better than others.

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  1. Good advice. I do try my best to
    set aside everything and everyone
    until I've had a quiet time with
    the Lord each day. Have to rise
    early to accomplish this, but it's
    so very worth it.


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